Uses and Benefits of Papaya Soap

Papaya is a type of fruit that grows naturally in  Nepal papaya. It contains an active enzyme called papain that is used in soaps and other skincare products because of its whitening and exfoliating properties.

This natural enzyme not only promotes skin renewal but it also facilitates cell turnover. Typically marketed as papaya soaps, these papain-based products are believed to offer certain benefits that other botanical products do not.

Skin lightening

Even though dermatologists continue to study the skin lightening properties of papaya soaps, there is already substantial anecdotal evidence that suggests that the regular use of papaya soaps can aid in lightening your complexion over time. While the enzyme itself does not chemically lighten your complexion like commercial skin bleaching products, it does help in revealing the lighter, brighter layers of your skin by exfoliating the outer layers that have been tanned or damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight.


According to different scientific studies, papaya soap has powerful exfoliating properties that make it useful for removing dead skin cells and rejuvenating dry and flaky skin. The soap’s exfoliating properties stem from the same enzyme papain which is known to speed up the breakdown of protein, when combined with water. When you use a papaya soap, your skin will surely feel fresh and revitalized but it may take some time before the changes seem apparent. This is because papaya soap takes some time to adapt to different kinds of skins. However, its results are guaranteed and long lasting, so it is definitely worth the wait.

Acne relief

Since papaya soaps have powerful exfoliating properties, they also serve as an effective acne treatment. If you have frequent acne eruptions on the face or on other parts of the body, you can use a papaya soap to treat the condition. One of the reasons why acne eruptions take place is that dead skin cells and extra sebum oil tend to accumulate inside hair follicles. This coagulation leads to the formation of pimples and in turn, the pimples hinder the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Thus, a need may arise to exfoliate the skin manually and papaya soaps have shown to produce remarkable results.

Relief from insect sting pain

Papain is also known for having protein-dissolving properties and it is utilized frequently by reputed brands of meat tenderizers. Scientific studies have revealed that pain, itching and swelling that stem from insect bites, can be treated effectively with a dab of meat tenderizer and water. The papain present in meat tenderizers breaks down the toxins that cause pain, itching and swelling after an insect bite. While meat tenderizers are the more commonly used treatment, recent studies have shown that papaya soaps can be equally effective. This tried and tested alternative treatment is very useful and not known to fail.

Removal of stains

Since papaya soaps can break down proteins easily, this property is also useful for removing stubborn stains from different fabrics. In fact, the papain enzyme is particularly effective in loosening and removing stains than are rich in protein, for instance blood. All you need to do is scrub the stain with papaya soap and leave it for some time, before washing it off. The stain should be gone within a few minutes.

Primary Use of Papaya Soap

While papaya soap has a variety of uses, it is primarily formulated for skin care purposes. Thepapain enzyme from the fruit is put together with other ingredients like glycerin and water and a product is made that helps to achieve skin that is soft, supple and spotless. What you must remember while using papaya soap is that the results take time to surface and thus you need to be patient and use the product regularly. In addition, you must continue to use the soap after your skin starts to lighten in order to prevent it from reverting to the previous complexion.

The higher the percentage of papain in papaya soap, the faster and more lasting are the results. It is important to remember that this enzyme tends to dehydrate the skin because of its exfoliating properties so you must be prepared to tone and moisturize after cleansing with papaya soap. In fact, older individuals must be even more cautious as their skins tend to have less moisture and elasticity anyway.

Additional Tips on Using Papaya Soap

Those who use papaya soap for lightening complexion and exfoliating dead skin cells also recommend eating the fruit. Papayas are rich in vitamins A, C, E and other anti-oxidants that help the skin feel moist and rejuvenated. These constituents heal the skin faster than usual and keep it protected from day-to-day damage. Those who eat papayas will often credit the fairness and clarity of their skin to the fruit.

In certain parts of the world, papaya is not only ingested as a full-grown ripe fruit but it is also included in stews and soups when not fully ripe. Since people are gradually becoming more aware about their appearance, they are beginning to experiment with traditional methods. In order to maximize the benefits that papayas have to offer, some individuals mix leaves of the fruit with their salads, make smoothies, juices and health drinks out of ripe papayas and even eat them as snacks and post-meal desserts.

Products that Compliment Papaya Soap

While papaya soaps are recognized for their whitening and exfoliating properties, few people know that the fruit is also used to make refreshing cleansers. These cleansers are ideal to remove makeup as they ensure every bit of cosmetic is removed from the face and every pore is free to breathe through the night. If you want to completely utilize what papayas have to offer, it is recommended that you use a papaya cleanser to clean your face, a papaya soap to exfoliate your skin and a papaya lotion to moisturize it thereafter. Apart from that, make sure you keep your skin protected with sunscreen and never forget that good hygiene and regular care will always do its due in achieving the skin you have always wanted.

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